Adrian Smith is best known as a guitarist with Iron Maiden, for whom he writes songs and performs live backing vocals on some tracks. Adrian has collaborated on many side projects outside of Iron Maiden as well as writing and recording a series of solo albums during the early 90’s. Offstage his main hobby is fishing and because he takes his gear with him on tour he has fished in locations all over the world.

Fishing with Adrian Smith

As someone who used to keep worms on the Iron Maiden tour bus, his tales and experiences while fishing on and off the road are both amusing and extensive, including a maggot scare in a very plush Amsterdam hotel amongst others. This is a collection of thoughts and stories by a fisherman who is up there with the best of them, from carp to catfish to chub, who just happens to be in one of the leading rock bands of all time. Fishing with Adrian Smith will appeal to all fishing and Iron Maiden fans, as the definitive, authentic insider view of fishing while on the road as a rock star.