Terry Clayton is a highly respected specialist security operator with a background of the SAS and The Green Jackets. This lifts the lid off how a man copes during and after service within the SAS while at the same time caring for and ultimately losing a child as a single parent. How you wear two hats – one as a member of the world’s most famous and feared special forces regiment, 22 SAS, and the other as a normal guy caring for his children as a one parent family. The story of how depression set in, and the lessons the reader can learn from someone who has been in the most pressurized environments of both army and personal life.

Working Title TBA

This book has a more hard-hitting approach and a bigger impact than V2. It delves into serious issues and aspects of his life, as a child, as a soldier and then as a civvy. It digs into the story of a man reaching the very top of his profession in the exclusive world of the SAS, what it took to get there, stay there and then the dark period of his life (Depression) and tells the story in detail of caring for a child, being a single parent, and losing a child and the devastating effects it had on him and his family.